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Please welcome our new Phone Necklaces!

 These days it is common to match your suits to your boots, your bra to your hair tie...however we were missing on this one fashiondetail for way too long. Our phones!
We carry them everywhere, they are part of our outfits every day and they’re not receiving the attention they deserve. Natkina couldn’t stay indifferent. We created a cute candylishious accessory, that you’re gonna love, we assure you!


  1. It's super helpful to carry your phone around when you don’t have pockets, or they’re too small or you are the proud owner of the trendy micro-bags and it doesn’t have enough space for your device.

  2. It's a new way to emphasize on your sense of style and stand out (as can be seen on many bloggers)
  3. It’s a perfect,  fun idea for a gift  to your family and girlfriends- and you don’t have to worry if you’ll guess the size (Christmas is approaching, hint hint…)

    The only worry that we leave you with is to make a choice which design you like the most… ;)

    But keep in mind a phrase of one wise woman “When you can’t decide which one to take - take both!”

    Was that  woman me? Maybe, maybe...

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