How the Tennis bracelet got its name!

A story takes place in 1987 thanks to a tennis star called Chris Evert, who loved to wear her Cartier diamond bracelet during the game. It didn’t seem like anything remarkable until one time during a match at the US Open, the bracelet that Chris adored flew off her wrist. This piece of jewelry was so precious for the tennis player that she asked the judge to stop the game in order to find her bracelet on the court. When asked about this case in an interview, she called her jewelry a "tennis bracelet", and this is how this famous model got its name.

Thanks to this interesting coincidence, the jewel acquired the status of luck for tennis players. This story inspired jewelers to work on the clasp to assure that you could safely play tennis while wearing it, and they achieved the aim, by creating 2 & 3 phase lock, that wouldn’t let the bracelet fall off the wrist even if the clasp broke.
As for its design, it is a flexible bracelet, studded with the stones of the same size over the entire diameter. Traditionally it was made of white gold and white diamonds. Today, Natkina jewelers create an affordable alternative made of rhodium-plated silver and American hand-cut Zhirconia, which perfectly imitates the shine of precious stones.
Want to replenish your own jewelry arsenal with a new accessory? Choose a precious bracelet in the Natkina catalog to find out a pleasant truth: it is so simple to please yourself!



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