About Natkina


My name
is Martina, and I want to tell you about NATKINA. 

After all, it is not an ordinary jewellery brand. It is built on a story of the
planet's most powerful and unconditional love. The love of mother and daughter.
And how important it is to dream because the biggest dreams are destined to
come true. 

This is the story of NATKINA. 

As a child,
I had no reason to doubt that heroes existed. I saw such a hero nearby – My
mother, Natalia Netovkina.

A single mother with three daughters. She never gave up and fought every minute
to ensure my sisters and I had everything. Our family is from a small town in

From a young age, I remember how much my mother worked to build up her
jewellery business, which she was so passionate about.

She had three daughters and her mother – my grandmother Galva, who helped raise us and was
our biggest support. The women in our family never stops in front of
difficulties and my mother did not give up for a minute.

She created the first
jewellery house in Ukraine.
Without much start-up
capital, she knew one thing — if you work hard, are honest and believe in your success, everything will work out. And in just a few years, her chain of stores in Ukraine expanded to 79 stores nationwide. 

My mum has always helped
the poor and supported the church and different charities. I saw how busy and
tired she was, but she always came to support me and my sisters in our school
performances because they were important to her daughters. She would be late
because my mother is always late, but she would come!

Most of all in the
world, my mum wanted to make her children independent and give them the
best opportunities in life; that's why when her daughters turned 13,
she sent them to a boarding school in Switzerland.

Coming to Switzerland when I was 13 completely turned my life around, and I fell in love with this country with all my heart. While at university, I began to help my mother with her businesses. 

She created NATKINA (NAT — Natalia, KINA — Netovkina) in 2011 and opened the first two boutiques in her beloved Montreux.

I took the brand over when I was only 19 years old and still studying at EHL. To say that I struggled is to say nothing. My mother was also worried about my failures and struggles, but she wanted me to grow strong and to believe in myself. So my hero watched from the side always, ready to help with advice and support. 

Upon graduation, I fully embarked on business management.

Most of all, I wanted to give NATKINA a piece of my soul, my character. Therefore, I strove to create powerful jewellery that will give each girl confidence and a chance to shine. I focused on more affordable silver products with cubic zirconia of fantastic quality, because I wanted NATKINA to be available for every budget. In my jewellery I strive to strike a balance between luxury and affordability, but quality of the products was always in the first place for me.

Now we have 25 points sale points in different countries of the world. NATKINA takes part in Paris Fashion Week and many major jewellery exhibitions. At the same time, we strive to preserve the most valuable that we have — the soul of our business. We remain a small company with big ambitions, which achieves success thanks to the hard work and infinite love of each employee.

NATKINA lives with the purpose that my mother originally created for it and that I continue developing every day.

The NATKINA MissionI

I want to make the best diamond alternatives on the market. I want to offer these beautiful stones to my customers at the best value and with a higher level of service than anybody else. I want to empower and reunite women all around the world where our customers are part of our big family.


It is our honour to create fine jewellery, and it’s for that reason that we choose to only work with high-quality, enduring materials that can almost immediately turn into family heirlooms. From our selection of precious metals set with genuine precious stones to our silver products with CZ, you can rest assured that NATKINA is jewellery for your everyday life, forever.

We genuinely believe that luxury, especially luxury jewellery should be attainable, easygoing, and an ordinary part of every woman’s life. It’s a beautiful way of expressing yourself, that’s why our inspiration comes from real, smart, successful women. NATKINA utilizes age-old Swiss jewellery-making techniques that produce ethical and high-quality craftsmanship.