Starting at 10 am Immerse yourself in the captivating
world of diamonds with a dynamic 30-minute
lecture by Martina Netovkina, the visionary
CEO of Natkina. Sip on rejuvenating juices and coffee
as you soak in the captivating lecture

Embark on a fantastic fitness journey with
a complimentary workout session
at HOLMES PLACE surrounded by
a vibrant community of fabulous
women from Geneva

Indulge in a lavish Instagram-worthy brunch
at the recently rebranded METROPOLE restaurant
while you socialize with like-minded It-girls
of Geneva and sip on our favorite purple Hugos

Get pampered by NATKINA with a sensational
gift bag brimming with sports and jewelry surprises

Secure one of only 25 spots
now by clicking on the link below


Check out our electrifying program:

Welcome at Holmes Place Geneva

10:15 — 10:45
Dive into the dazzling world of history's
most significant diamonds

11:00 — 11:45
Enjoy an Energetic gym class guided
by Holmes Place's expert coach

11:45 — 12:30
Freshen up and get ready
to continue the adventure

12:30 — 14:30
Relish in the lavish purple brunch
at the Metropole Geneva


Have kids?
Great! Daycare will be provided for the duration of the lecture and workout!
The brunch is kids friendly so please take the little ones along