The Archive, The Amulet, and The Legacy

The Archive

With a heritage of ancient fine jewelry traditions, NATKINA has a long-held tradition of reinterpreting the meaning of modern and classic, making them one. Here you’ll find products inspired entirely by women who want to elevate an ordinary occasion and make it extraordinary — without having to compromise on style or quality.

The Amulet

Where Earth, Air, Water and Fire intersect, a Star is born.

This pristine Byzantine symbol, the eight-point star, is a perfect reflection of what it means to combine tradition with modernity. Cut into the shape of a rare diamond, this ancient sign becomes a talisman. A physical manifestation of NATKINA.

The Legacy

NATKINA has its roots deep in diversity and heritage — words which are seldom seen together. We come from an international background, traversing multiple cultures, an internalising the art of living. Our inheritance is fine Jewelry, but our goal is to share our inheritance with many women for any occasion.

Jewelry made for Living

Our young team brings the integrity of fine jewelry-making from world famous startups and luxury brands, and reimagines what life would be like if these brands were more accessible. We are classically styled, meaning that no matter what your personal style is, - with NATKINA, - you will never go out of fashion.

From observing all the independent, and powerful women around us, including the originator of NATKINA, we have a strong-held belief in a robust work ethic that embraces creativity, classics and collaboration.

NATKINA embraces the principles of modern Feminism — meaning, we believe a woman’s virtue is more than her external beauty. We believe that women deserve to feel proud of their achievements and should commemorate those achievements accordingly, be they a CEO, an Economist, a Designer or a new Mother.

We believe that every single day of life is worth celebrating, in the most beautiful way possible!