1. The story behind the Tennis bracelet

    How the Tennis bracelet got its name!

    A story takes place in 1987 thanks to a tennis star called Chris Evert, who loved to wear her Cartier diamond bracelet during the game. It didn’t seem like anything remarkable until one time during a match at the US Open, the bracelet that Chris adored flew off her wrist. This piece of jewelry was so precious for the tennis player that she asked the judge to stop the game in order to find her bracelet on the court. When asked about this case in an interview, she called her jewelry a "tennis bracelet", and this is how this famous model got its name.

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  2. Hot news! Please welcome our new Phone Necklaces!

    Hot news!

    Please welcome our new Phone Necklaces!

    These days it is common to match your suits to your boots, your bra to your hair tie...however we were missing on this one fashion detail for way too long. Our phones!
    We carry them everywhere, they are part of our outfits every day and they’re not receiving the attention they deserve. Natkina couldn’t stay indifferent. We created a cute candylishious accessory, that you’re gonna love, we assure you!


    1. It's super helpful to carry your phone around when you don’t have pockets, or they’re too small or you are the proud owner of the trendy micro-bags and it doesn’t have enough space for your device.

    2. It's a new way to emphasize on your sense of style and stand out (as can be seen on many bloggers)
    3. It’s a perfect, fun idea for a gift to your family and girlfriends- and you don’t have to worry if you’ll guess the size (Christmas is approaching, hint hint…)

    The only worry that we leave you with is to make a choice which design you like the most… ;)

    But keep in mind a phrase of one wise woman “When you can’t decide which one to take - take both!”

    Was that woman me? Maybe, maybe...

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  3. Paris, thank you for having us!


    Paris, thank you for having us!

    September was pretty huge for us:) We don’t want to brag, but we slayed three fashion exhibitions in Paris in one month ;)

    Les parisiens had a chance to be the first ones to have a sneak peek at our Spring-Summer 2020 collection.

    We were honored to be selected for huge trade shows: “TRANOÏ” in the historical Carousel du Louvre and “WHO’S NEXT” at Expo Porte de Versailles. Plus, we made in to a SELEC.TO selection, which connects you to the best women-led designers worldwide.

    It’s was an incredible and inspiring journey!

    We will be back, cher France!




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  5. Our bestsellers rings

    Our bestsellers rings

    In each collection we have favourites. Shame that there are not enough fingers to put all of them on at the same time! Natkina girls do not go out without jewellery, even if they are going to yoga or a casual after work with friends. Even if they know that no one will see them today except for themselves, they will fully dress up because they do it for themselves, not for the others.

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  6. Jewellery with a capital letter!

    Jewellery with a capital letter!

    Популярность персонализированных украшений началась с коллекции Alphabet французского модного дома Céline. Лаконичные персонализированные украшения покорили блоггеров и знаменитостей. А после ухода их создателя Фиби Файло с поста креативного директора бренда они получили статус культовых украшений.
    Тенденция не осталась незамеченной и повлияла на многих ювелиров. Наткина предлагает свою интерпретацию тренда.
    Вы можете увидеть это в разделе персонализированных украшений!

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  7. Girls just wanna have jewelry!

    And finally you have the chance to shine every day, because our website for creating your most fabulous look is LIVE!

    A website, which will become your favorite place to choose the best jewellery for any occasion- from a party with friends to a celebration of a break-up.

    A website, where self love is a true religion, because treating yourself for your achievements or without a reason- is your guilty pleasure.

    A website, which you will shop on together with your girlfriends during Sunday brunch, choosing presents for each other... or after a long day at home, with your favourite glass of Sauvignon while watching that favorite episode of Sex and the City- you will decide to buy yourself a ring, which is even better than Carrie’e engagement

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