Fabergé Ella 2 Cushion Sapphires 3.49 Carat and Round White Diamonds Earrings

SFr. 26,825.28

Ella Sapphire Earrings

The Fabergé Imperial Collection is inspired by the jewelled splendour of the Imperial Romanov court, and evokes the rhythms of the Russian seasons, whether literal or metaphorical. Ella Sapphire Earrings feature sapphires and round white diamonds set in 18 carat white and red gold.

18kt White gold 3.20 grams

18k Red Gold 0.30cts

48 Round White Diamonds 0.41 cts

2 cushion Sapphires 3.49 cts

Fabergé understands how earrings can light up eyes, hair and complexion, the vital finishing touch for day or evening wear. The earrings in the Fabergé collections offer the widest choice of styles and shapes, to suit every taste, mood and occasion, from classic to dramatic; to be worn close to the ear, as a short or long drop, to move flirtatiously with each movement of the wearer, or as spectacular chandelier earrings, a Fabergé speciality and the perfect romantic expression of Romanov splendour and today’s powerful femininity.

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