Modern Fabergé Charmeuse Créoles Frédéric Zaavy Diamants Antiques Earrings

SFr. 386,284.01

Charmeuse Créoles Diamants Antiques Earrings 46EA69/1 Fabergé Treasures, a charismatic and diverse collection of jewellery and objects, frequently one-off, is inspired by the Fabergé ethos of embarking on a new adventure, striking a different path and making something that stands apart.

Sterling Silver and 18k Yellow gold 11.20 grams

White Round Diamonds 4.79 cts

1 White Round Diamonds 5.14 cts

869 White Round Diamond 5.64 cts

Round ruby 0.01 cts

The Créole earring is a classic form of ethnic or peasant ornament, and these slender hoop earrings, companions to the Charmeuse rings and bangles, with their distinctive Bohemian rippling outlines, add to the sense of sophisticated earthiness that underpins the Charmeuse design, the slender hoop of each earring corresponding to one of the double circles of the Charmeuse rings and bangles. The earrings are modelled in yellow gold and oxidised silver, their fluidity captured through the skilfully pavé setting of white diamonds.

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