Diva Collection Pendant

2-215 435
В наличии
"Diva is a female version of a hustler" as my favourite Beyonce says. In this pendant, your inner Diva will always be with you. Bright, chic and irresistibly feminine. So much that the look will always be focused on you.

Gold 14K

Garnet 1-0,19ct

Quartz 6-1.74ct

Topaz 2-1.05ct

Zirconium 99-2.27ct

Peridot 5-0.93ct

Citrine 1-0.06ct

Подробная информация
Вес 0.0108
Тип изделия Подвесы
Метал Желтое золото
Камни Гранат, Кварц, Цитрин, Топаз