Flora Ring

1-180 032
В наличии

The interlacing of three rims of different shades of stones is so beautiful and special that all you need to do is put this ring on in order to attract all the looks around you.

Gold 14K

Diamond 47-RND 0.18-I/1A

Pink Sapphire 34-0.72 ct

Sapphire 38-1.42 ct

Tourmaline 7-0.5 ct

Peridot 15-0.38ct

Tsavorite 7-0.48 ct

Подробная информация
Вес 0.0080
Material | Color Rose gold
Тип изделия Кольца
Метал Розовое золото
Камни Бриллиант, Сапфир, Цаворит, Турмалин
Цвет камней Сапфир