Multisapphier Blue Diamond Earrings

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The complicated construction of these earrings makes them even more attractive. Every stone shines in different shades of the rainbow and makes everyone look nowhere else but at you.

Gold 14K White 4.83 Weight - 4,548g.

Diamond quantity - 6. Carats - 0,06. Weight - 1,35g.

Diamond 6-0.06-G/ VS2A

Ruby 2-0.34 5/2A

Ruby 2-0.02 5/2A

Sapphire 2-Oval-0.44 4/2A

Sapphire 44-0.39 5/3A

Tsavorite 4-0.

Подробная информация
Вес 0.0048
Jewellery type Earrings
Metal White gold
Gemstones Diamond, Sapphire, Tsavorite