Pink Sapphire ring

В наличии

Pink sapphires are like the pink sunsets of Ibiza, are like the colour of your favourite cocktail, are like the colour of your lips after long kisses. And now it is this ring. Which will remind you of the best events in your life!

Gold 14K 

Diamond 20-0.08-G/ VS1A

Rose.sapphire 1-0.02 3/1A

Rose.sapphire 3-0.87 3/1A

Sapphire 2-0.23 3/2A  2.24

Подробная информация
Вес 0.2240
Material | Color White gold
Тип изделия Кольца
Метал Белое золото
Камни Бриллиант, Сапфир
Цвет камней Сапфир, Белый бриллиант