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Empowering Youth: NATKINA's +380 Collection and ERA BAND CAMP

At NATKINA, we believe that jewellery represents more than beauty; it embodies love, resilience, and hope. Our latest collection, +380, which captures these values and supports a cause close to our hearts, will be unveiled this Children's Day.

The +380 collection is named after Ukraine's international dialing code, symbolising our deep connection to the country. Each purchase from this collection directly supports the ERA BAND CAMP project. The importance of this initiative lies in its support for Ukrainian teenagers who have been affected by the war, including those of military personnel and those who were victims of the conflict.

The ERA BAND CAMP, based in Switzerland, offers these teenagers a chance to escape the harsh realities of war. They experience rehabilitation and personal growth through various activities and educational programs, supported by our partner organisations​ Swiss Solidarity ​. This camp is a beacon of hope, helping them find solace and build a brighter future.

Switzerland is known for its strong commitment to charitable causes. Organizations like Swiss Solidarity exemplify this dedication, having raised significant funds for various humanitarian efforts, including support for Ukrainian war victims. Their job is to make certain that donations are efficiently utilized to provide emergency aid, reconstruction, and psychosocial support to those who require it (Swiss Solidarity).

Supporting social projects is an integral part of NATKINA’s philosophy. We are committed to making a difference and not turning a blind eye to the challenges faced by people, especially those in Ukraine. Our customers can contribute to these noble causes by buying from the +380 collection, which helps teenagers regain their sense of normalcy and hope for the future.


NATKINA’s dedication to social responsibility goes beyond just words. We actively participate in various initiatives and collaborations to ensure our efforts make a tangible impact. This philosophy of support and solidarity defines us as a brand. It’s about making a difference, one piece of jewelry at a time.

We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of these teenagers. Each piece from the +380 collection is not just a beautiful accessory but a symbol of hope and resilience. By working together, we can provide support to those who most need it and improve the world.

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